Who we are

Hello there!

To talk a little bit about who we are, We are a team of Japanese locals devoted to the making of delicious Japanese cuisine cooked the right way. Although we appreciate how Japanese food has become so popular on a global scale, we have to admit that sadly, most of the so called “Japanese” restaurants do not even know how to cook proper Japanese cuisine. Don’t get us wrong. This is not to de-legitimize what they are doing and we are sure that these restaurants are adapting Japanese cuisine in their own way. But from a point of view from a Japanese local, to see people talking about Japanese cuisine as if they have fully understood it is just heart-wrenching. It really is… 

What we hope to achieve

Through our recipes, we sincerely hope that our website can help you cook better and traditional Japanese food so that you are able to get a taste of Japan in the comfort of your own home. We are confident that are recipes will enable you to cook traditional and modern dishes that is guaranteed to wow your friends and family. For us personally, through this quest of sharing our knowledge and enabling you to become proper Japanese chefs, all we ask in return is to acknowledge that the recipes we show in our website is in fact, the legit Japanese cuisine, and not the ones where they sell different kinds of Asian food on the side… Please check out our recipe and help us out on our endeavor. 

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